Becca (chaudfeu) wrote in reality_review,

"About time eh?" or "I really don't give a crap"

So I'm sure you've all been on edge wondering what the deal is with this community. When is my journal going to be reviewed? When is any journal going to be reviewed? You all are asking. And I know this because you ask me (much to my chagrin).

Well, In the spirit of reality review let me give you this tidbit of information. I could care less if you get reviewed or not. No really, you have to believe me on this.

I thought this community was a fabulous idea, if I do say so myself, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew you might say. It soon got to big for the meager amount of time I could devote to it.

So now my friends... I declare to you the official inactivity of this community until further notice.

The reviewme community is as well, but that's fairly old hat isn't it?

Along with this:
A) I no longer want jurisdiction over this community. If you are interested in taking over this community do not comment but e-mail me at with a clearly marked subject line (or else it may be deleted as junk mail, and that's not my problem). Tell me why I should give it to you, any ideas you have for the community, and pledge to me your dedication... because I'd like not to see it inactive again anytime soon.
B)Once I decide to reactivate the community everyone will be cleared, clean slate. Reviewers and those waiting to be reviewed. Indeed my impatient reviewees, you will lose your precious place in line. Well not exactly. If you reapply you will take some precedence over those who are newly applying.

If you would like to be notified when the community is reactivated and/or when I'm again accepting reviewers and reviewees please comment to this post. CLEARLY state this request since I don't feel like spending much time sifting through requests and reactions

Good day.

PS - Hopefully this reactivation will be soon, but no promises. I won't reactivate untill I know I'll be able to spend the time to get the community off the ground again and have it stay there

ADDENDUM: For anyone who asks for their journal to be reviewed after the time I made the post saying I wouldn't accept them, and ESPECIALLY after this post. Once the community is re-activated they will be on a "Moron Blacklist" and will immediatley receive a -5 score with no written review. Congrats Stupids!
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